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Candleriggs Glasgow

Project Specification:
LOCATION : Glasgow
PROJECT SIZE : 2200 sprinkler heads


  • BS9251:2014
  • Cat 3
  • BTR accommodation, gym, car park
  • Shared water supplies
  • 2200 sprinkler heads

  • BS9990:2015
  • Wet Riser
  • 55,000 litre storage tanks
  • Diesel pump sets
  • 2 x dry risers

The Candleriggs project in Glasgow is an ongoing endeavour that encompasses various aspects of fire protection and safety standards. The project aligns with BS9251:2014 standards, focusing on a Category 3 fire sprinkler system installation. This system is designed to cover Build-to-Rent (BTR) accommodation, a gym, and a car park, and it includes shared water supplies. In total, the project features a remarkable 2,200 sprinkler heads to ensure comprehensive fire protection.

Additionally, the project also adheres to BS9990:2015 standards, involving a Wet Riser system. This entails the use of 55,000-liter storage tanks and diesel pump sets for efficient water supply in case of fire emergencies. Furthermore, the project includes two dry risers, enhancing the overall fire safety measures. The ongoing nature of the project signifies its dedication to implementing the highest fire protection standards, ensuring the safety and well-being of its occupants and visitors.


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