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Project Scotland News Story Highlights Discovery Fire Sprinklers Expansion Plans

project scotland news story on discovery fire sprinklers

Discovery Fire Sprinklers has captured the attention of industry watchers with its expansion into Manchester with a news story in the Project Scotland construction news magazine. The feature highlighted the company’s proactive approach to obtaining top-tier third-party accreditation and training, solidifying its position as a leader in fire protection.

The news story emphasized Discovery Fire Sprinklers’ commitment to meeting industry standards, evidenced by its accreditation from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). With certifications covering wet and dry riser systems, alongside residential and commercial sprinkler systems, the company stands as a unique entity in the UK.

Talking about this key offering, James told Project Scotland; “We knew that Scotland was to make it law that all affordable housing comes with sprinklers. So, we started focusing on getting our accreditations to the highest level for residential and domestic and when the legislation came out in 2021, we’d already been third-party certified to the highest level.”

Drum Property Group’s Candleriggs Square Project

The spotlight also shone on Discovery Fire Sprinklers’ involvement in significant projects, including Drum Property Group’s Candleriggs Square and GRAHAM’S student accommodation build. With a robust pipeline of over 2,000 properties slated for work in 2024, spanning both Scotland and Manchester, the company is poised for substantial growth.

The decision to expand into Manchester reflects the city’s growing demand for fire protection services, supported by the approval of numerous towers last year. With two large Manchester jobs already being priced for, James noted “It might take a year to get one of these projects kicked off because that’s how long those big jobs take; they don’t happen overnight,” he said. “The jobs we’re tendering for are the biggest in height, but we’ve got them all over Scotland – we’ve got five or six of these same jobs in Scotland, just over a different height because Manchester builds up the way, whereas Scotland tends to build out.”

Read the full story on the Project Scotland website.


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