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Discovery Fire Sprinklers James Bryceland Guests On ‘Sprinkler Talk’ Podcast

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Further demonstrating Discovery Fire Sprinklers’ status within the sector, Director James Bryceland was recently asked to appear on Project Fire’s ‘Sprinkler Talk’ podcast to share his expertise on sprinkler system compliance and Discovery Fire Sprinklers unique position as the ONLY Fire Protection Company In the UK To Offer All Three 3rd Party Certificates Of Conformity (TPC).

Watch the podcast below:

In episode 3 we invite James Bryceland, Managing Director of Discovery Fire Sprinklers to talk about sprinkler system compliance and certificates of conformity.

The Sprinkler Talk podcast is about speaking to key people within the fire sprinkler industry, but also the wider sort of fire safety community, talking about topics such as environmental issues, coordination with other services, integrating with BMS systems, building management, design standards, compliance and ultimately promoting safer buildings.

Project Fire Products is a company based in the UK that’s passionate, about improving fire safety by providing a range of fire protection solutions. They specialize in offering top-notch fire safety gear, including types of fire extinguishers tailored to fire risks along with fire alarms, blankets and other firefighting essentials. Their main focus is on ensuring customer safety by offering products that meet industry standards. With an emphasis on innovation and quality, they aim to empower individuals, businesses and organizations with the tools needed to reduce fire risks and safeguard lives and property effectively. Through their knowledge and commitment Project Fire Products strives to make fire safety accessible, effective and trustworthy, for everyone.


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