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New Project : Ellon Family Resource Centre

Ellon Family Resource Centre

Discovery Fire Sprinkler is proud to announce the latest project it’s been awarded, the Ellon Family Resource Centre. The development of the Family Resource Center, Library and Council Office represents a leap forward in offering accessible support and resources for families in the area and seeks to bring services closer to the community.

Ensuring the safety of both the facility and its visitors is a priority as part of this project. To meet this requirement Discovery Fire Sprinklers has been selected to install the fire sprinkler system enhancing fire safety measures within the centre.

The Ellon Family Resource Center initiative seeks to establish a hub for education, recreation and community involvement. By focusing on enhancing access to services the center aims to enhance the quality of life for residents spanning generations.

Discovery Fire Sprinklers, recognized for their proficiency in fire protection will supervise the installation process to ensure adherence to safety protocols and guidelines.

Through collaboration with Discovery Fire Sprinklers, the Ellon Family Resource Center project showcases a stance towards safeguarding community well-being. The implementation of the sprinkler system underscores a commitment to creating an environment, for all individuals benefiting from the centers services.

As the construction advances the partnership, between Discovery Fire Sprinklers and the Ellon Family Resource Center project stands as a symbol of the town’s commitment, to ensuring safety and promoting community well-being. Their joint efforts aim to create a promising and secure tomorrow for Ellon and its inhabitants.


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