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Discovery Fire Sprinklers & R Tindall Partner For Dundee Waterfront Development

Discovery Fire Sprinklers are no strangers to large-scale projects having completed some of the largest projects in Scotland including Glasgow’s Candleriggs project and various others. However, when the Dundee Waterfront expansion landed they required additional support and called on R Tindall, a Manchester-based fire fabrication and engineering supplies specialist. Discovery Fire Sprinklers’ James Bryceland said […]

Discovery Fire Sprinklers James Bryceland Guests On ‘Sprinkler Talk’ Podcast

sprinkler talk screengrab

Further demonstrating Discovery Fire Sprinklers’ status within the sector, Director James Bryceland was recently asked to appear on Project Fire’s ‘Sprinkler Talk’ podcast to share his expertise on sprinkler system compliance and Discovery Fire Sprinklers unique position as the ONLY Fire Protection Company In the UK To Offer All Three 3rd Party Certificates Of Conformity […]

Project Scotland News Story Highlights Discovery Fire Sprinklers Expansion Plans

project scotland news story on discovery fire sprinklers

Discovery Fire Sprinklers has captured the attention of industry watchers with its expansion into Manchester with a news story in the Project Scotland construction news magazine. The feature highlighted the company’s proactive approach to obtaining top-tier third-party accreditation and training, solidifying its position as a leader in fire protection. The news story emphasized Discovery Fire […]

DFS Step Up For Dundee Stars Juniors Ice Hockey Team

dundee stars junior ice gockey team on the ice 2

The Dundee Stars Junior Ice Hockey Team has gained a new supporter in Discovery Fire Sprinklers as their latest sponsorship is announced.

The Dundee Stars Junior Ice Hockey Team has swiftly carved out a presence, in local competitions. Their path to success is reinforced by the backing they receive from businesses like Discovery Fire Sprinklers.

Kirkton Heights – Aberdeenshire

The Kirkton Heights project in Aberdeenshire, managed by Chap Construction, places a strong emphasis on fire protection and safety in accordance with BS9251:2021 standards. This project falls under Category 2 and encompasses a combination of 34 houses and bungalows. The fire protection system integrated into the project includes a total of 376 sprinklers, ensuring comprehensive […]

Bath Street Student Accommodation – Glasgow

WORK CARRIED OUT: The Bath Street Student Accommodation project in Glasgow, managed by Stothers Mechanical, prioritizes fire protection and safety measures, following the BSEN12845 standards. Specifically, it complies with OH1 guidelines, offering a protective range of up to 45 meters, and incorporates TB202 standards for enhanced fire protection. The project includes the installation of an […]

Ellon Family Resource Centre – Aberdeenshire

WORK CARRIED OUT: The Ellon Family Resource Centre project in Aberdeenshire, commissioned by Hutcheon Services, is focused on fire protection and safety measures in compliance with BSEN12845 standards. Specifically, it adheres to OH1 guidelines with a protection range of up to 15 meters, emphasizing property protection. The project incorporates a Revit Design for efficient planning […]

Lorne Student Accommodation – Glasgow

WORK CARRIED OUT: The Lorne Student Accommodation project in Glasgow, undertaken for the client PARKLANE, is committed to adhering to the BS9251:2021 standards for fire protection. This comprehensive project falls under Category 4 and involves the installation of 630 sprinklers, ensuring thorough fire protection coverage. To further enhance safety measures, the project includes full monitoring […]