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Ellon Family Resource Centre – Aberdeenshire

Project Specification:
CLIENT : Hutcheon Services
LOCATION : Aberdeenshire
PROJECT SIZE : 590 sprinklers


  • BSEN12845
  • OH1 – 15m
  • Property Protection
  • Revit Design
  • Prepackaged pump house
  • 590 sprinklers
  • Full infrastructure

The Ellon Family Resource Centre project in Aberdeenshire, commissioned by Hutcheon Services, is focused on fire protection and safety measures in compliance with BSEN12845 standards. Specifically, it adheres to OH1 guidelines with a protection range of up to 15 meters, emphasizing property protection. The project incorporates a Revit Design for efficient planning and execution.

To ensure robust fire protection, a prepackaged pump house has been installed along with an impressive 590 sprinklers, providing comprehensive coverage. Moreover, the project includes a full infrastructure setup to support the fire protection system effectively. The commitment to safety and property protection is evident in this project, ensuring the security and well-being of the Ellon Family Resource Centre and its occupants in Aberdeenshire.


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