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Murrygate Dundee

Project Specification:
PROJECT SIZE : 32 flats
  • BS9251:2021
  • Cat 2
  • 32 flats
  • Internal storage tank and fire pump set
  • Full monitoring
  • BS9990:2015
  • 1 x dry risers

The ongoing project at Murrygate in Dundee is dedicated to adhering to stringent fire protection and safety standards. The project complies with BS9251:2021 guidelines, categorized as Category 2, and encompasses 32 flats. To ensure comprehensive fire protection, the system includes an internal storage tank paired with a fire pump set. Full monitoring capabilities are also in place to enhance safety measures, allowing for quick responses to any potential fire emergencies.

Additionally, the project aligns with BS9990:2015 standards, featuring the installation of a Dry Riser system to further strengthen fire safety within the building. This ongoing project highlights a commitment to implementing top-tier fire protection standards, ensuring the safety and well-being of the occupants within Murrygate and providing a secure living environment.


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