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Training , Education & Competence

We built the live demonstration rig to train our in house team on the latest BS9251:2021 regulations and to educate others within the building sector on fire sprinkler systems and key components relating to Monitoring and annual testing.

Below are some of the best products on the market for Residential & Domestic occupancies

ZONECHECK – Cat 2 – 4

Testing with no disruption to tenants.

ZONECHECK RESIDENTIAL The Zonecheck system is the sustainable way to carry out this important test quickly and efficiently. Zonecheck simplifies testing by re-circulating the water within the pipe around the flow-switch (no water is discharged from the system) simulating the flow of one sprinkler head in operation. The residential model has been designed as a compact solution that can be easy installed in tight spaces within residential buildings. Zonecheck is easy to use and requires no specialist skills – a test is activated at the turn of a key or automated via our addressable system. Zonecheck Residential is a factory assembled and fully tested unit.

Monitored Residential Riser Valve with Model 120 Ball Valve – Cat 2 – 4

Rapidrop innovative Monitored Residential Riser Test and Drain Valve Pre-Wired with Model 120 Ball Valve is designed to meet requirements of BS 9251: 2021, for use in all domestic and residential properties. The contactless tamper switch is monitoring the fully open position of the valve and will send a signal to FloWatch or any other alarm device if the valve is being tampered with. Commonly used in residential systems as a zone or control valve. The full bore design allows minimal flow restriction and pressure loss.

RiserTeQ Domestic Manifold Riser


The DMR is the most compact Fire Sprinkler manifold on the market, focused on saving space within a Domestic environment. This unit packs a big punch with features like One Piece forging, No loss valves and unique handle design to ensure that valuable space is not wasted.

FloWatch 9251 Master Panel

The FloWatch 9251 is a bespoke fire sprinkler control and monitoring system which monitors flow switches, pump status and tank level.

In the event of an activation of a flow switch, pump failure or low-water level within the storage tank, an audible and visual alarm will be raised on the Panel.


  • Monitors up to 4 flow switches as a standard unit
  • Monitors up to 68 flow switches with the addition of expansion modules
  • Audible alarm on activation of a flow switch
  • Clearly identifies location of flow switch that has been activated
  • Monitors pump (if installed) and alerts building occupants if a fault with the pump occurs
  • Monitors cold water tank (if installed) for low water content and alerts building occupants if the water supply is low
  • Can be interfaced with building fire alarm system if required
  • Can be accessed remotely from PC / smartphone to see the status of sprinkler system
  • Sprinkler system can be connected to a remote monitoring system which will prompt an engineer to attend in the event that a fault on the system occurs
  • MODBUS compatible via RS485 for interface with building management systems (BMS)

AICO Ei408 Radio LINK Switched Input Module & AICO Ei650 Battery Optical Alarm – Cat 1 – 2


  • RFS42 Residential Flat Concealed HSW
  • F1Res LL Series Low Lead Residential Sprinklers
  • RD208 Residential Flat Concealed Pendent Sprinkler

Please contact me via linkedin or our wedsite if you would like to see our test rig working and how our systems can benefit your projects .

Also a BIG THANK YOU to the team at PROJECT FIRE & RAPIDROP for supplying us with their products to help us build this.


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